Week 5 – Blog 5: Skills Audit

During the course of this module, various aspects of the music industry have been analysed and discussed openly within lectures. The Internet and digitisation have undoubtedly had a major impact on the music industry. Audiences have changed their music consumption. They can now listen to music (downloaded to their own devices or through streaming services) on many different devices, anywhere and anytime. (Leurdijk, A. Nieuwenhuis, O. 2012)

Due to this development, the music industry has expanded into a huge world of different sectors that all share a common interest. The growth of the industry has resulted in several new methods of getting involved within the music industry as well as developing new career opportunities. However, with this rise comes several new issues and laws. That’s why I believe it has been greatly beneficial to research into the various issues regarding different sectors within the industry. In an ever-changing industry where people involved hold various roles, it’s important to be able to do a skills audit regularly to make sure you understand how you are developing as a professional within the music industry.

Based on my previous experience as a live sound engineer, I believe that I have developed my networking skills within the live sound industry. Especially since I started working at various PA companies as a freelance engineer. However, as far as networking goes, I don’t have many useful contacts outside the live industry which makes it harder to approach a career in other sectors of the music industry. I pride myself on being a creative person as I am into several forms of recreational activities such as skateboarding and producing music. I believe that it is crucial to set targets for myself to reflect on in future audits. The Scottish Qualifications Authority have published a great book on self-management which insists that it is important to set yourself realistic targets that you can achieve and stick to them.

I am very open minded when it comes to the music industry and passionate about knowing more about every aspect. Horn (2009) claims that to be successful in your accomplishments you need the capacity and willingness to acquire and productively apply new knowledge. I am hoping to involve myself in more music related projects throughout the rest of the year as I believe I am not spending enough time improving my professional & academic knowledge. This will be done through more reading and researching sessions, as well as communicating with industry professionals to maximise my learning capacity.


Horn, R. (2009) The business skills handbook. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Leurdijk, A. Nieuwenhuis, O. (2012). The Music Industry. Statistical, Ecosystems and Competitiveness Analysis of the Media and Content Industries. 1 (1), pp.6-7.






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