Week 7 – Blog 7: Creative Musical Entrepreneurship

The modern music scene has a greater diversity than ever before, with traditional boundaries between musical genres and professional roles constantly being challenged. Major political and economic changes in society have led to a working life with increased demands for flexibility and independent professional practices. (Pay, O.C. 2016)

In any media industry, successful entrepreneurs will require a creative mind-set. In an industry such as music, it is crucial to think outside the box and to approach certain things in an imaginative way that may make you and your business stand out from other competitors. Steve Dragoo (2015) explains in his recent book that the title ‘SING’ is actually an acronym for four steps that pertain to every entrepreneur. These steps are listed below:

  1. Step up: What could you do if you weren’t afraid? You should make a mental, emotional and spiritual commitment and the take the risk.
  2. Inspire and be inspired: what energises and motivates you? How can you use these gifts to motivate others?
  3. Find your nexus: In business and in life, surround yourself with people who share your interests, talents and strengths.
  4. Go for it: what is your stage? Put the lessons you learn to work on your own life stage.

(Dragoo, S. SING!: Business and Life Lessons from the Karaoke Stage. 2015)

David Williams (2016) suggests to every musical entrepreneur to cultivate and treasure the ways music can influence your business. A person’s music background can give you insights about what their standout strengths are likely to be. (Williams, D.K. 2016) I believe that you should also keep a close eye on which of your employees present the best set of creative attributes that you may work with to develop the business further.

As an aspiring creative entrepreneur within the music industry, I believe that the key is to be persistent and to constantly come up with new potential ideas. Even though a lot of the ideas may not become successful, you may find that a couple of the ideas are worth working on and have the potential of developing into a successful project.


Dragoo, S (2015). SING!: Business and Life Lessons from the Karaoke Stage. New Hampshire: Dunham Books. pp.14-15.

Pay, O.C. (2016). Entrepreneurship in music – Between Artistic Autonomy and Economic Reality. Available: http://goldenpages.jpehs.co.uk/2016/11/09/entrepreneurship-in-music-between-artistic-autonomy-and-economic-reality/. Last accessed 30/03/17.

Williams, D.K. (2016). Music and Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate Creative Outlet for Business Success. Available: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidkwilliams/2016/06/15/music-and-entrepreneurship-the-ultimate-creative-outlet-for-business-success/#5cd262254bca. Last accessed 30/03/17.




1 thought on “Week 7 – Blog 7: Creative Musical Entrepreneurship

  1. I rather like your utilisation of Dragoo’s four steps, particularly as you state before it, successful entrepreneurs undoubtedly require a creative mind-set even to enter themselves into a market as over-populated as that, let alone survive and succeed within it. However, I would’ve been intrigued to perhaps see you use the four steps to analyse your own entrepreneurial experience, or even more so, to analyse it against a current acting entrepreneur to understand its legitimacy. I like when you begin to expand upon Williams suggestion of cultivating and treasuring music to influence your business, particularly as I agree with your suggestion of essentially scouting out creative attributes among your employees for later exploitation and development, however I feel you could’ve explored this in more depth, perhaps looking at why you think this is an important thing to do.


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