Week 9 – Blog 9: How Advanced Technology Has Affected Record Labels and Old Platforms of Media

As mentioned in previous blogs, the development of technology has heavily affected the music industry. The main focus of this blog is to determine just how the advanced technology has allowed common members of the general public to start their own careers and businesses. Starting a record label 20 or so years ago was not easy. The foundations had to be covered and a lot of prep work was needed to be done such as lining up vinyl/cd distribution as well as marketing strategies. However, with the right resources and connections, you can now set up a label overnight. As interesting as that sounds, some may argue that they aren’t as lucrative as they use to be. For example, if there are 50 successful labels in each genre, there are now 10,000 unsuccessful labels due to the fact that the labels are so easy to set up.

Some even argue that being signed to a label nowadays isn’t as extraordinary as it used to be. Audio Animals (2015) claim that Being signed to a label now has really been devalued. It’s always great to get a track signed and released you can’t knock that. But what does it actually mean? It means that a label will simply get your track into download stores. Which you could do yourself for £5 using pay per track distribution. More often than not you are then expected to do the majority of the promotion. (Audio Animals. 2015)

The rise of this new technology has also left several old platforms of media drowning and constantly playing catch up. Barry Ritholtz (2013) explains that the sooner old media dies, the clearer the landscape will be. Radio is not coming back. Newspapers will not survive in print, and most won’t survive at all. And while we’re at it, CDs are history and physical books are goners. The fact that something still exists does not mean it isn’t over. If you’re discussing piracy, the death of the CD, singles and streaming, you’re wasting your breath. (Ritholtz, B. 2013)

Despite this, I believe that modern technology allows several professionals in the industry such as myself to have easier access to professional software and equipment. Meaning more and more musicians are able to express themselves through music with much fewer limitations. It also means that the industry is going a certain direction and that all those involved should adapt to the new realms of today’s digital era.



Audio Animals. (2015). the Modern Producer And The Problems You May Face. Available: http://www.audioanimals.co.uk/tutorials/helpful-tips/modern-producer-problems-may-face. Last accessed 31/03/17.

Ritholtz, B. (2013). Top Ten Issues in the Music Industry. Available: http://ritholtz.com/2013/01/top-ten-issues/. Last accessed 31/03/17.


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