Week 3. Disruptive technology

With changing of the times, musicians changed the way of performance because of changes in technology, the instrument because of technological progress and that have a variety of performance mode, the audience has a new way to listen to music because of the technology of change. Therefore, the music industry because of the emergence of technology gradually in different types of transformation and change.

The deepest changes in pop music can be said to have been catalyzed by the Internet. In terms of musical terms, with the Internet, the most influential new media is MP3.


In 1997 a firm MP3.com was founded by Michael Robertson, who started by making three thousand songs available for free downloading over the Internet. By the year 2000 MP3.com had become by far the most successful music site on the World Wide Web, with over ten million registered members (Starr and Waterman 2006).


In 2001 Apple company introduced the first generation iPod player, which could store up to one thousand CD-quality songs on its internal hard drive. IPad and other MP3 players, and gradually dominate the portable music player market because they let listeners have the ability to build a unique music library. The “shuffle” function of the iPod has an impact not only on personal listening habits but also for the current state of the consumer culture.


Podcasting is an online broadcast that allows digital sound files to be uploaded to a website where the audience can automatically load them into a portable player and its rise allows some cultural observers to anticipate the death of the radio (Starr and Waterman 2006).


In here we can have an assumption, when all of the music can become to MP3 document and why recording company still produce a physical album?


Starr, L. and Waterman, C. (2006). American popular music. 1st ed. Oxford [etc.]: Oxford University, Chapter 8.



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